Black Ops 2 TranZit Zombies Mode Buildable Items List, Where to Find Parts

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One of the many improvements made by the team at Treyarch to Black Ops 2′s Zombies Mode are the new “buildable” items that players can assemble to help them easier progress to later rounds. The buildables are constructed by collecting certain parts from around the different areas of TranZit – the new “open world” Zombies mode map.

Below is a list of all of Black Ops 2′s TranZit Zombies mode buildable items, the parts you need to build them, and where to find the parts.

  • The Turbine (first bus stop)(portable power) – Fan Blade on seats. – Mannequin Torso leaning against sign. – Tail Fin near lockers
  • Zombie Shield (2nd bus stop)(Riot shield like) – Car door found in garage – Dolly found in diner
  • Machine Gun Turret (3rd bus stop) – Machine gun found in either house or barn – Ammo Pouch found in living room or kitchen of house – Lawnmower found around sides of house
  • Electric Trap (4th bus stop) – TV tube found on wondows up stairs from bench. – Car battery found on barrels around the same area – Tesla Ball assembly found usually beside the Tombstone Soda
  • Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (5th bus stop) – Jet engine found in tunnel between bus stops 1 & 2 – Wire found in the same area as the Electric Trap parts – Headlight found in cabin where the Bowie Knife is between bus stops 4 & 5 – Handle found in WaW map sectioin on right side of the road between bus stops 3 & 4
  • Navcard Usage Machine (under pylon in corn maze on left side of road between bus stops 3 & 4) (Must play on original difficulty not easy) – Purple Rock in hole beside mystery box location at bus stop 1 – Control Panel #1 in WaW map part in corn maze on right side of road between bus stops 3 & 4 – Wooden Board under the stairs by the work bench at bus stop 4 – Control Panel #2 leaning against dumpster beside mystery box location at bus stop 5
  • Enjoy

Bus Parts

  • Train Grill (Front) – Stops zombies from entering through the Front windows.
  • Ladder (Back Driver-side) – Allows players to climb to the roof of the bus from outside
  • Hatchdoor (Inside) – Opens the roof for players to enter/leave the bus.
  • There is also a 3 round burst pistol on the roof of the bus.

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