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We’re getting so close to the release of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” and more details are coming out about the game. Today we have the most in depth breakdown of the mulitplayer mode we’ve ever had, so sit back and relax, this is gonna take a minute.

Coming back for “Black Ops 2″ is the popular Combat Training mode. This mode allows players to team up or go it alone and face off against the computer on the multiplayer maps with the standard weapons available, to help them train for the real deal.

This time around you’ll be getting the standard Combat Mode, but also a Boot Camp mode as well. The mode originally appeared in “Call of Duty: World at War” and let players play against each other up to a certain level. That’s what’s happening here, only it’s a shade different.

In Boot Camp mode players will face off against the computer AND human players in Team Deathmatch, with players being max level 10, after that players “graduate” according to David Vonderhaar, game design director for Treyarch.

For players who still don’t feel like they’re ready for the real multiplayer, they can stay in combat Training and take on it’s Objective mode. This mode has two teams of six (three bots and three players) facing off in objective-based game modes. Players can go above the rank of level ten but they will only be given half of the XP they would normally earn.

Another mode in Combat Training is the Bot Stomp mode, where players can team up and face a team of six bots. The mode is experience free, allowing players to learn the maps, practice with weapons and get a feel for the game.

A fun feature of “Call of Duty: Black Ops” were the Wager Matches, where players could bet COD Points against each other in a number of modes. The first few months for these modes were great, players would actively look for each other and cause all sorts of trouble. These days, players tend to camp in buildings and are to scared to move.

Wager Matches are coming back, but in name only for “Black Ops 2″. The mode is now called Party Games brings back the Gun Game, One in the Chamber, Sharpshooter, and Sticks and Stones. All play the same as they did before, but instead of earning COD Points to spend you can earn XP.

One thing you can always count on when it comes to COD online is how you customize your player and weapons. This time around players won’t be able to just buy attachments and camo for their weapons, instead they’ll have to earn everything, like the other COD games.

“Black Ops 2″ will feature over a thousand challenges, and completing those challenges will give players new weapon camo, reticules, player card customization (they’re returning) options and more. Every weapon in the game, from rocket launchers to pistols can be customized.

Depending on the weapon there’s a base level of camo to be unlocked, with gold and carbon fiber camo unlocked after a lot of challenges have been finished. Vonderhaar also says there’s a lot of hidden camo, with what he calles “super big bling on them”. He also says reticules have “eight uniques per optic” and doing special challenges will unlock special reticules. For instance, one reticule called “The Steve” puts a curly sir mustache on your sight for shooting down the enemy.

The player cards are returning, and we can hear the collective sigh of relief by thousands of COD players happening right now. The player cards, fully customizable from the first game, will be back and you’ll have plenty of things to make with them. Vonderhaar said that you’ll always find some that impress you and”when a penis comes up, you can just report it and we’ll take care of that person.” Not like reporting emblems really do anything anyway.

The Theater Mode is getting an overhaul as well, and this is what we’re most excited about as the whole shoutcasting program is coming to the game. A new option in the Theater Mode is called the ‘Highlight Reel’, which when selected will go through a replay of your match and find your best moments. It’ll be a treat to see what the game thinks are the best moments from the match.

If you’re looking to do more with the mode then before, you’re in luck, as one of the biggest additions to the editing mode for videos is the ability to put a camera onto any object. Wanna put a camera on a rocket as it screams towards the enemy? You can do that. You can also make up to twenty clips per film, and merge them together without having to use capture card and editing software. Treyarch is going out of their way to make video making easy as possible.

We’ve gotta talk prestige next. It’s the mode that some players are against, and other players are for. We’ve prestiged many times over in our COD careers. When it came to “Black Ops”, we reached the fifteenth prestige, the highest you could get. This time there’s plenty of things to do when you prestige, plenty of reasons to make the jump and plenty of reasons to keep playing afterwards.

The good (although weird) news is that when you prestige, your weapons unlocks and challenge progress no long reset. This was the standard happenings when you prestige in the last games, as you pay a price for prestiging, sure you get the fame of taking it to another level, but you have to redo everything. That was the sick way of keeping players hooked and as stupid as it sounds, it worked.

With “Black Ops 2″, there will only be fifty five levels and ten levels of prestige, just like the first game. Thankfully Treyarch is avoiding “Modern Warfare 3” and it’s eighty levels per prestige and twenty prestiges, which was overkill to say the least. Vonderhaar says prestiging is “back to basics here, this is not a grind”.

Every prestige will give players an unlock token that lets them unlock a gun or item permanently. From there, players then choose if they want an extra Custom Class slot (five is the max you can have). Players can also reset their stats if they so choose. You can also as for a ‘Refund’ of all your used tokens, but you give up all you’ve unlocked with said tokens doing so.

Those players who reach the last prestige and top level will get a special emblem and some extra content, but Vonderhaar wouldn’t specify what that extra content was.

Gameplay modes that are returning are the standard moves, Team Deathmatch, Free for all, Demolition, Headquarters, Capture the Flag, Search and Destory, and Kill Confirmed are all returning. A new mode called Hardpoint is joining the list, which has players defending points on a map from the enemy team, with the points constantly changing during the course of the game.

We’ve been excited for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ for some time now, and with more details coming out about the online multiplayer we’re even more excited. It’s clear to see Treyarch is more focused on getting players the best online experience they can rather then throwing everyone into a chaotic uncontrollable battlefield.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ will launch for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on November 13, 2012, and the Nintendo Wii U November 18, 2012.

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